Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection

Gut yeast infection in your intestines: Adjust your diet!

Gut yeast infection in your intestines: Adjust your diet! You may think, what is a gut yeast infection exactly? Gut yeast is a yeast that lives in small amounts in your mucous membranes (mouth, intestines). The work of this yeast is to support digestion. However, when the balance is disturbed and there are large numbers...

Systemic yeast infection

systemic yeast infection
Systemic yeast infection (Generalized Candida Infection) Normally, Candida yeast can only cause a local infection of the skin or mucous membranes in the mouth or vagina. In rare cases Candida yeast can enter the blood. This is called a 'generalized infection' or 'systemic candidiasis'. This form of a Candida yeast infection occurs only in severely...

Why candida overgrowth can be life-threatening ?

candida overgrowth
Why candida overgrowth can be life-threatening   Candida is not only very annoying, it can also really be very serious. Did you know that candida can produce more than 75 different toxic substances and untreated candida infection can be very dangerous? Research shows the connection between candida bacteria and human diseases. Systemic candidiasis is a fairly...

What is candida in men ?

candida in men
Candida in men Fungal infection penis: causes, symptoms and treatment A fungal infection is often seen as a health problem especially women suffer from, but it can in principle affect everyone, including men. A fungal infection on the penis, if left untreated, can lead to a large number of painful, uncomfortable and possibly genetic symptoms. It can...
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