How to make your ex come back begging


Everyone is supposed to go into a relationship with the mindset to make it work. It is okay that some relationships will not just work out no matter the efforts and sacrifices made.

Ladies, before he walks away, you should make him feel your impact. Your place in his life when you two had it going should be one to make him run back if he dared to walk away from what you two shared.

This is it, folks. If your ex walked out of your relationship, you ought to ask yourself “WHY did they walk away?” This is because there cannot be a ‘walk away’ without a REASON and there cannot be a COME BACK BEGGING without something to go back to! The moment you can understand this, you are on your way to bringing them back to you. The same rules apply for guys.
How to make your ex come back beggingWHY DID THEY LEAVE? The Africans have an adage that “there is no smoke without a fire” implying that no matter how flimsy the excuse may be, they left for a reason. Then, ensure they want you back before you commit yourself to bring them back.

DO THE THINGS THAT BROUGHT THEM TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE: From the onset, there was a magnetic force that pulled you to them. Sometimes, in our relationships, we get carried away and forget to keep the initial fire burning. Do a self-assessment and see if perhaps you stopped doing some things to make them happy. Try to bring those deeds back to life and let them see you’re trying.

DO NOT BREAK THE COMMUNICATION TOTALLY:  Find a way to still be in touch remembering you still want them in your life. I am not saying you should act like your life depends on them but once in a while, check on them because this is one means by which the memory of you stays on their hearts. Be their friend.

KNOW YOUR WORTH: No man wants a woman who is cheap and desperate and no woman wants a man who is weak and possessive. Act like you are tied to them or own them and you’ll end up choking them and gasping for some air of freedom outside what you share. Be strong by yourself. Let them realize if they’re not with you, they have no air.

GET A LIFE: Move on with your life. If you were not working, get a job, do something to get you busy and moving. Let them know that you can do just fine without them. Be happy. Get them wondering if you ever miss them at all. Do not give the impression that you are miserable without them. This will get them running back to you.

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