How to win him back after being needy


We all feel needy at one point or the other in our lives. Though the needs vary from one person to the other. But let’s get this right, your relationship is NOT your life, do not feel gloomy and resort to moodiness because a guy left you. Ladies, you are way more than that. If you must win him back, get a life, get independence, live life because no guy wants a dependent woman in his life. It scares the life out of them. There is so much you can do to make him come back to you for real.

how to win him back after being needy

No man wants a woman who sits on the table waiting all day for him to return from each outing. There is so much you can do. Get involved in an activity. If you do not have a job, volunteer at an organization where your presence is needed and would be appreciated. Make yourself relevant. When he sees you are moving on fine without him, you are unconsciously winning him back.

KNOW HIS TURN OFFs. What are the things he does not like? If you are fond of doing things he does not admire, you will naturally not just send him away, he will also stay away. Humans are naturally attracted to things that call their attention. Be the woman a man wants not a woman who wants a man.

GET YOUR EMOTION STABLE: It is commonly said that you cannot give what you do not have. If you are not emotionally stable and independent, you cannot keep a relationship stable or make your man happy. Your emotional state should not be hinged on any man. If that is the case, you are only complicating matters because the guy will see through you and know that you are not the kind of woman he should be with. You can only find the strength to handle someone else when your emotion is firm.

how to win him back after being needy

Discover what gives you joy, and keep it. Happiness comes from the inside. When you radiate happiness from the inside, it shows. Happiness is contagious. When he sees you happy, he would want to know the secret behind it, he will get close and just would not be able to stay away from such a positive force.

BE CONFIDENT. All men desire women who can hold their own out there amid their friends. It gives them an air of importance. Men love to boast about what they have. If a man cannot speak with pride about you to his friends, there is no way you can win him back. So girl, go work on you and be you because the awesome you will surely make him crawl back to you.